Omni LAB

Build sustainable ecosystems

We are dedicated to build such systems around blockchain to accelerate technology innovation and commercial adoption. We facilitates evolving of industries to on-chain era, by developing easy to use blockchain infrastructure.

Our advanced solutions


The world's first stablecoin (on Omnilayer) circulation specification for Lightning Network, and the second important protocol presented by Omni foundation.

Lightning X

Universal middleware. Provides scale-out solution for on-chain low efficient transactions. With a frictionless developing ecosystem that leverages off-chain technology to deliver.

OmniWallet (HD)

A new type of mobile wallet which aims to combine usability and multi-currency support, providing users with a ease-of-use and unrivaled blend of security.

Omni Academy

Instruct programmers / audiences to understand the background, theory, and application of blockchain technology, grasp concepts, technical processes, specifications and applicate scenarios.

About Omni Layer

As a prominent brand and protocol, Omni Layer based on bitcoin blockchain, and Omni Layer’s history can be dated back to 2012. At that time, it was called Mastercoin, which completed the world’s first Initial Coin Offering (aka.ICO), it was then rebranded as Omni Layer in 2015, which aims to provide a tested platform that can support ambitious project, for example, fiat currency-backed crypto Tether.

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