To the Lunar:2018/6/1 ~ 2018/6/30


We were proud to have announced LunarX officially on June 1st. It has been a busy and exciting first month for us, we have had many achievements that we are waiting to share with our supporters.

•We have finished the tech & business whitepaper of LunarX.
• We have revealed our roadmap up to Q2 2019.
• Our token will be soon listed on the top ten exchanges and an OTC exchange in July.
• We have co-operated with the famous project Omni Layer and obtained some cornerstone investment during the preparation of the project.
• We have partly uploaded the code of LunarX to Github, with much more to come.
• Initiated an initial agreement with a leading company of the blockchain industry, contacted the blockchain laboratory of a famous multinational company.
• The LunarX team, partners and ecosystems have all had steadily growth and are beginning to scale.
• Contacted almost 10 famous investment agency, to help assist self-funding the project.
• There have been some community incentive plans drawn up.
• The LunarX domestic and foreign communities were initially established.

In the next month we will release further details for:

• Miner materials & pre-sale website begin to release.
• Follow-up on the exchanges, road shows, investor education, etc.
• Find private placement from investment agency.
• A two-minute introduction video, including the main topics for users: What is LunarX, What is solve, how to mine, and how the future will be.

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