To the Lunar:2018/7/1 ~ 2018/8/31

  1. LunarX is listed on Bitforex.
  2. LunarX becomes a Skycoin Fiber Ecosystem Partner.
  3. LunarX is determined to participate in the Consensus SG Conference to be held in Singapore in September.
  4. The mining machine has been completed and the sales channels are being searched globally.
  5. Participated in the ChinaJoy event, which is an influential event in the global digital interactive entertainment field.
  6. Achieve cooperation intention with the Leading Programatic Advertising Platform Company AdinALL, and it will launch DApp based on LX middleware in the future.
  7. Content and operations team established.
  8. Establishment of the administrator system for the WeChat and telegram communities.
  9. Marketing team founded.

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