On October 29 2019(GMT+8),Omni LAB reached a strategic cooperation agreement with CCVALUE. The two sides will cooperate in depth with each other in content creation,news release,global brand promotion. CCVALUE will  be the first to know about Omni LAB’s major news and progress in external cooperation.The Omni LAB will also use its own global channels to bring more brand and content exposure to CCVALUE.

Omni is a prominent brand that has 7 years’ history within blockchain industry,and it’s well known for Omni Layer.By far,around half of USDT are running on Omni Layer ,which is now supported by over 20,000 blockchain companies around the world.The other amazing protocol proposed by Omni —— OmniBOLT,is the world’s first stablecoin circulation spec (on Omni Layer) for Lightning Network.

CCVALUE is one of top-notch blockchain medias in China.It’s committed to blockchain & Fintech,and focused on mining,exchange as well as blockchain industries. CCVAULE has a great reputation for its in-depth contents and hardcore style.Since being founded in 08/2017,it has produced around 400 original articles,attracted over 1,000 KOL, and covered more than 1,000,000 people.


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