We are honored to announce that one of the top blockchain mediums —— BlockBeats, became our partner!

On November 11 2019(GMT+8),Omni LAB reached a strategic cooperation agreement with BlockBeats. The two sides will cooperate in depth with each other in content creation,news release, brand promotion.

Omni is a prominent brand that has 7 years’ history within blockchain industry, and it built a great international reputation for Omni Layer, which is now supported by over 20,000 blockchain companies around the world. By far, tens of billions of digital assets are running on Omni Layer. The other amazing protocol presented by Omni —— OmniBOLT,is the world’s first stablecoin circulation spec (on Omni Layer) for Lightning Network.

In addition to technology incubation, Omni manages its license and certification program in China and southeast asia. It has achieved strategic framework with top-notch scholar and media institutions in China’s blockchain industry, including IEEE Blockchain Chinese , CoinDesk China , CCVALUE , BlockBeats , etc. Also,Omni has reached cooperation intention with well-known IT training institutions in China.

BlockBeats(theblockbeats.com) is one of the most professional Blockchain Research and Investment Medias in China since Feb, 2018. It created more than 2,000+ original featured articles, investigated 200+ projects in this field. BlockBeats is following dozens of trending topics, such as Ethereum ecosystem, EOS.io ecosystem, PoS Staking, new-generation Privacy coins, De-Financing and #Web3.0.

BlockBeats became the Leading Blockchain media within 20 months in China, titled as Top-3 Leading Blockchain Media in Blockchain industry, No.1 Blockchain Media in Zhihu community, Top-Tech Media member of Tencent Tech Channel, Promoted Blockchain Media of Sina Weibo, Best Writer of Huxiu.com.With 200K followers, BlockBeats holds the responsibility to present the best quality content. BlockBeats might be channel for Blockchain Projects to reach Chinese investors.

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