Recently, China Finance and Economy Blockchain Research Institute a.k.a. CFEBRI and OmniLAB jointly announced that they had reached a major strategic cooperation and began to implement a high-level talent certification training program for the blockchain industry in China (excluding Hong Kong and Taiwan).The plan is aimed at corporate executives, based on the abundant experience and in-depth insights accumulated by both parties in the Internet + blockchain industry, to foster leading talents that meet the extreme needs of industrial upgrading for related vertical industries.

CFEBRI is subsidiary body of China Finance & Economy Media Group,and the latter is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese Ministry of Finance. The CFEBRI introduces industry leaders, blockchain experts and scholars to bring together industry innovative and academic resources, and is dedicated to creating an ecosystem with blockchain industry insights, resource integration, and media dissemination capabilities. 

Omni is a prominent brand that has 7 years’ history within blockchain industry, and it built a great international reputation for Omni Layer, which is  cumulatively supported by over 20,000 blockchain companies around the world. By far, tens of billions of digital assets are running on Omni Layer. The other amazing protocol presented by Omni —— OmniBOLT, is the world’s first stablecoin circulation spec (on Omni Layer) for Lightning Network.In China,OmniLAB has achieved strategic framework with top-notch scholar and media institutions in China’s blockchain industry, including IEEE Blockchain Chinese, CCVALUE,  BlockBeats , etc. Also,Omni has reached cooperation with China Finance Blockchain Research Institute, which is one of the best blockchain research institutions in China with abundant government background.

With this cooperation, the two parties will integrate brand, technology, channel, culture and other advantages, and work together in the formulation of standards, training practices, and certification as well as issuance of high-level talents certification. Through the CFEBRI+ Omni high-level talent certification training program, we will prepare sufficient technology and thinking reserves for the industry elites who are committed to industry renewing and transformation, and help related industries to upgrade and meet the increasingly diverse and complex industry development needs. 

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