Recently,ChinaSoft International Education Technology Group, CoinDesk China, OmniLAB reached in-depth strategic deal on Blockchain talents training and certification plan.

ChinaSoft International Education Technology Group is the subsidiary of Chinasoft International Ltd,which is one of the largest software companies in China and listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange(00354.HK).ChinaSoft International Education Technology Group has a total training area of more than 70,000 square meters and can accommodate more than 20,000 students at the same time. It has established stable personnel training and practical training cooperation with more than 1,000 colleges and universities, including nearly 100 China’s top-level universities. In 2017, the people who participated in training exceeded 60,000.

CoinDesk Chinese is officially authorized by CoinDesk, which is an authoritative media, event and information service provider of blockchain and crypto assets in the United States. Since July 2019, it has launched a Chinese service in Greater China, dedicated to providing decision-makers and practitioners in the blockchain industry trustworthy news and data, and as an event organizer, provides a discussion platform for the blockchain and cryptocurrency communities, and disseminate the progress of technology development.

Omni is a prominent brand that has 7 years’ history within blockchain industry, and it built a great international reputation for Omni Layer, which is  cumulatively supported by over 20,000 blockchain companies around the world. By far, tens of billions of digital assets are running on Omni Layer. The other amazing protocol presented by Omni —— OmniBOLT, is the world’s first stablecoin circulation spec (on Omni Layer) for Lightning Network.In China, OmniLAB has achieved strategic framework with top-notch scholar and media institutions in China’s blockchain industry, including IEEE Blockchain Chinese, CCVALUE,  BlockBeats , etc. Also,Omni has reached cooperation with China Finance Blockchain Research Institute, which is one of the best blockchain research institutions in China with abundant government background.

ChinaSoft-Omni Blockchain talents training and certification plan will be co-launched by Omni and ChinaSoft International Education Technology Group.It covers comprehensive theories and applications, including basic theory of blockchain, distributed database basic theory, practical operation of general blockchain system, practical operation of deep technical capabilities and so on.ChinaSoft International Education Technology Group will provide complete tutorials and training to meet the test outline.

The plan is targeted at the people who grasp basis of programming to some extent, including students, staffs who are looking to transfer his/her profession, and blockchain tech fans.Successfully obtaining a certain level of Omni certification means that relevant parties have a higher level of key knowledge and capabilities in mainstream public chains, alliance chains, blockchain security, and operation and maintenance. The best of the certificate holders will be recommended to join the industry’s top institutions, or will be selected to participate in the development of the industry’s top agreement after joining the OmniLAB.

In response to the national call, through Omni certification, we are committed to introducing the latest technology to the Chinese community. The three parties in this cooperation will take advantage of  their respective brands, channels, and technology to provide training and certification required for curriculum design, textbook development, and test preparation, etc.All will work together to create a benchmarking certification for the blockchain industry, train leading engineer talents, and contribute to the further development of China’s blockchain industry.

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