Omnilab Development Summary

OmniLAB Syllabus  There is one aim for this syllabus: to instruct relatively unsophisticated programmers / audiences to understand the background, basic theory, and application of blockchain technology, grasp fundamental concepts, technical processes, specifications and their applicable scenarios. After passing this examination, audiences shall become a specialist with ability to develop blockchain products and applications. We […]

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OmniLAB Development Summary

OmniBOLT development summary OmniBOLT is an in-progress specification, based on the fundamental theory of Lightning network, describing how to enable OmniLayer assets to be transferred via ligtning channels, and how will OmniLayer assets benefit from the novelquick payment theory. We propose this OmniLayer specific protocol to expand the horizons of the basic theory, to support wider perspective of assets. The OmniBOLT Daemon […]

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