OmniLAB desire to develop, implement, and commercialize the market value potential of software developments and technologies as they are created together. USDT has been a significant role in the crypto world and gradually achieves instant payment supported by our middleware and Omni protocol to goes into real world.

We will bring the world most acceptable, and most financial active, blockchain protocol: a more compatible, powerful and intuitive interface for developers, more synthetic corporate solutions for industries, and tremendous possible use cases for all the consumers.

Meet Us

Craig Sellars

 Founder Of Tether · Founder Of Omni Foundation · Blockchain Innovator And Entrepreneur.


Adam Chamely

OmniWallet and OmniExplorer developer who has also assisted with the integration and launch of dozens of other projects on the Omni protocol.

Ben Fei

Ph.D In Fundamental Mathematics · Former IBMer · Tens Of Patens Top Conference Papers.


Maintainer of Omni Core and contributor to a variety of Bitcoin related projects.

Sean Gilligan

Been creating cryptocurrency software since 2014 as a developer, executive, and open source leader. He’s a contributor to Omni, bitcoinj, ConensusJ, and others.

Marv Schneider

Mastercoin · Omni Foundation team member since 2014.

Germán Ferreyra

Energetic software engineer with over 10 years experience developing robust code for high-volume business.

Zelong Wang

Blockchain industry in-depth participant, dedicated to creating great stories in crypto world.


11 Woodlands Close, 09 - 45 Woodlands 11 737853 Singapore.
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 14:00

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