Mercury Retrograde Treasure

Susan Miller x Hou Zichao

A treasure hunt experiment filled with mysteries unknown 🌜🌝🌛

There are two constants in history of world exploration- through art and looking into the cosmos. Taking inspiration from the 2021 mercury retrograde event, artist Houzichao gave life to a project never attempted before : mercury retrograde treasure series NFT art mystery box. We hope this experimental project connects Chinese artist Houzichao with American astrologist Susan Millar to create some delight in our life via this unique event.

Astrology originates from ancient Babylonian practices. at the time it was used to predict and analyse current events and fate of individuals. Astronomers simply did not exist back then. It is commonly felt that astronomy and astrology, the former being a science and latter superstition. Astronomers study and attempt to reveal the secrets of the cosmos via ways of textbook and scientific research. It has not always been this way, however. Until the renaissance period and slightly later, Astronomers and astrologists were the same group of scholars.

In the ancient Song dynasty in China, western astrology was brought in from the west by foreign scholars, and Chinese astrology at the time absorbed and evolved with the blend of both.

Susan Millar 🧝🏻‍♀️ & 👨🏼‍🎨 Hou Zichao

Susan Miller was born in the Upper East Side of New York, and due to her childhood disability, self-taught her way into New York University Business School. It has been 26 years since she founded her astrology website - Astrology Zone in 1995.

Susan Miller’s astrology reading style comes from her personality, she is good at simplifying complex issues with an optimistic attitude, which will give her fans a lot of encouragement.

She will not impose her will on you, but will help you analyze the problem so that you can see more challenges and opportunities in life. This is one of the reasons why Susan Miller remained popular for many years.

In the eyes of Susan Miller, the most important function of astrology is not to predict the future, but to guide people to solve problems.

As an "interpreter", by observing the planetary movements, Susan always hopes to bring positive energy to people’s lives.

Hou Zichao's expression, on the other hand, is more abstract. He uses abstract color palettes and lines to express the "landscape" he pays attention to. Such works not only keep a distance from nature, but also create distance from our lives. From a young age, Hou Zichao's paintings have always been taking clues from  "landscapes": from narrative street scenes to urban landscapes, from the depiction of parks, to natural landscapes, to the fictitious modern landscape. These natural or man-made landscapes are the objects that Hou Zichao is most keen to express.

About Mercury Retrograde-Susan said 📣

In fact, Mercury is not really retreating literally. Put yourself in some ancient astrologers’ shoes for a moment. From the observatory perspective on earth, Mercury appeared to be going backwards. After the three-and-a-half-week retrograde phase, Mercury returned to normal and continued to “move forward.”

Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, its revolution period is much shorter than that of the earth. About three to four times a year, Mercury will revolve surpassing the earth, which is the retrograde period of Mercury. If you are sitting in a car and another car overtakes you, you can tell that this car is faster than you and watch it moving forward, but if that car slows down enough for you to overtake,  then the car would appear to be backing up from your perspective. When Mercury drifts by at high speed, it is like a train speeding by, creating a strong, turbulent “cyclone.” The chaos and turmoil created by Mercury retrograde will affect people on Earth in the aftermath.

In astrology, we have always believed in the following rule: as above, so below. What I want to emphasize is that there is a real connection between planetary movement and people’s lives. This rule is a consensus in astrology, and it is also worth remembering.

Of course not! Even if Mercury retrograde brings frustration, it can be helpful at times. It gives us an opportunity to regain the past, revisit old places, start over anew,  and so on. Sometimes, we rush forward ignoring or forgetting what brought us here in the first place.

Mercury retrograde allows us to take a step back, stop to observe and listen, and then regain lost energy. It can also aid us in putting an end to certain undesirable situations.

The most common occurrence during Mercury retrograde is reconnection with old friends or relatives. This may be the most positive and beautiful effect of the retrograde. If you hear from an old friend or colleague during the retrograde phase, you will believe what I said. There must be some meaning in this reunion, perhaps what you planned together to achieve in the past?

It is believed to be beneficial if you can observe the whole picture in a more detailed manner during the retrograde. Mercury retrograde can force us to slow down like ploughing through the mud, but this can actually be a good thing.

Mercury is in charge of everything related to “coming back”: redo, re-evaluate, repeat, repair, redesign, or revisit. It is human nature to hope for new opportunities, but we ought to focus on what we have and what we are doing at hand. Making good use of time focusing on what we have is sometimes more meaningful than constantly chasing new ideas. Mercury retrograde can provoke thorough thinking and may improve your performance.

Please enjoy this NFT art experiment everyone! 🎁

it was coincidental but also inevitable for the two to join forces. Susan uses her language to interpret Mother Nature, while Houzichao uses his paintbrushes to express the landscape and the cosmos. As Susan once said, Mercury retrograde is not necessarily an unfortunate event, it can also be favourable to you, helping you rediscover long-forgotten treasures in your life.

We have also added a gaming collection mechanism in this experiment , and will publish a complete set of collection in the form of a mystery box on the mini-site of Mercury retrograde Treasure hunt. We will issue invitation codes to the collectors who will participate in this event and each month on the day of new moon , the collectors will be able to use the invitation codes to seek treasure of Mercury Retrograde, completing the artwork collection while giving order to the artwork according to the storyline.