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It’s obvious that talents’ competition for blockchain industry is getting increasingly fierce. To make the people who’re willing to engage in the blockchain industry stand out , OmniLAB presents Omni Certification.

About Omni Certification.

In addition to technology incubation, Omni manages its license and certification program in China and southeast asia in the first stage. The Stay-Ahead Omni Certification Program is one developed by Experienced specilists catered towards middle and high level programmers. 

It has achieved strategic framework with top-notch scholar and media institutions in Chinese blockchain industry, including IEEE Blockchain Chinese , CCVALUE , BlockBeats , Odaily , etc. Also, Omni has reached cooperation intention with well-known IT training institutions in China.

To acquire Omni certification, applicants have to participate in the tests certified by OmniLAB, and satisfy a series of standards set by OmniLAB. Applicants can prepare for the test themselves or attend to the training designated by OmniLAB.

Who are our target people?

The fans of blockchain Technologies.

The junior or senior undergraduates who have basis of programming.

The people who have been working for a couple of years that possess basis of programming.

Specifically, the test includes six modules as follows:​

Total score of this examination is 600 points on one test paper, with each of the following sections 100 scores.

Section 1. Knowledge base of Blockchain
Section 2. Bitcoin network and Omnilayer specification
Section 3. Smart contract, Ethereum and HyperLedger
Section 4. Lightning network, LND and OmniBOLT specification
Section 5. Security
Section 6. System Maintenance

Certifications Levels ——

The test covers six modules, and applicants must answer the questions correctly and comprehensively, so they can get the certification. And the certifications are divided into three levels.


Omni Certified Elementary

  • Holders have basic idea of key points within blockchain like Bitcoin, Omni, Lightning Network, Ethereum, etc.
  • 1~2 years' development experience.
  • Can deal with basic development needs.


Omni Certified Intermediate

  • Holders can partly deal with development needs of Bitcoin, Ethereum smart contracts, Lightning Network, and Omni’s protocols, etc.
  • 2~3 years' development experience.
  • Required to have basic blockchain operation and maintenance ability.


Omni Certified Professional

  • Holders are eligible for dealing with development needs of Bitcoin, Ethereum &Hyperledger’s smart contract, Lightning Network, Omni system, etc.
  • Have complete blockchain knowledge in operation, maintenance, and blockchain security.
  • Have access to developing top blockchain protocols: Omni and Hyperledger’s core.

Chapter I. Objectives

There is one aim for this syllabus: to instruct relatively unsophisticated programmers/audiences to understand the background, basic theory, and application of blochchain technology, grasp fundamental concepts, technical processes, specifications and their applicable scenarios. After passing this examination, audiences shall become a specialist with ability to develop blockchain products and applications.


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