Ben Fei


Years of Asset Management & Product Management experience.

Exp: Funding internet company, as CEO, won “Outstanding Enterprise Award” on Demo China Summit 2016, Beijing; former IBMer at IBM CRL, PBC (Personal Business Commitment) top 5% once, top 30% twice. 

Edu: B.S/Ph.D, Fundamental Math, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

Jinlei Xiong


Successful Entrepreneur Pioneer & Operational Expert.

Exp:  Senior Vice President of Listed Company, Product / MediaStrategy (Fractalist, code: 870104); co-publisher, MIT Technology Review Chinese Edition; co-publisher, Science Times Magazine from NY Times; founding Telecom Servicing Company, acquired by a listed company (code:837272); sales Manager, Hewlett Packard; sales / Marketing, SONY VAIO. 

Edu: MA, University of Sheffield, England.

Yann Wang


Abundant of Project Management & Investment experience.

Exp: Worked in China Academy of Social Sciences. Join in the early blockchain field as angel investor. Used to be advisor of several overseas blockchain projects. Founder of SPO project.

Edu: M.S at China Academy of Social Sciences (the top research institute in China).


Cheng Zhang


Exp: Over 18 years of work experience in the IT industry. From 2001 to 2007 as a senior software engineer in the software outsourcing industry in Japan. Since 2007, as the Co-Founder & CTO, he founded the largest mobile game company in Xi’an (Capital of Shanxi Province). Since then, he has Co-Founded a number of Internet companies, focusing on the development of apps and games for mobile platform. He has great experience in team management and project research and development.


Simon Hobbs​


Exp: VP Engineer of Skycoin, 28 years of high-level technical experience in delivering complex, high-volume IT projects on time and on budget. He leaded IT projects for Barclays Home Finance Mortgage, Swiss Bank and CedelBank.

Edu: B.S, Computer Science, University of Hertfordshire, England.


Ryo Umezawa

Global BD

Experience in the mobile, online marketing, advertisement and platform businesses.

Exp: Former CEO of Tinder JP, Home away JP and Hailo JP; 13 years experience in internet and venture industry. Principal, East Ventures. Director, J-Seed Ventures. Investor, SideCI, Foundry Inc. Global Sharper.

Edu: BA, Sophia University, Japan.


Yenny Zhang

PR Director

Exp: More than 10 years as editor-in-chief of traditional media and new media, management experience and planning experience of large-scale activities, and has been involved in blockchain industry for 3 years. Worked in many top media such as <<The Mirro>> and <<Beijing News>>, participated in the planning and reporting of major national events, and won more than 10 awards in the field of news. Have rich practical experience in new media operation, brand public relations, market expansion and community operation.

Edu: B.A, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China.


Lan Zhang

marketing director

Exp: Account Director of PR agency (UDM damei, code: 300343); Senior Media manager (NEO Ogilvy) Over 9 years of advertising marketing agency service experience, leading team services Mengniu, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota and other companies.

Executive publisher: IEEE Chinese Edition,

Edu: ZHONGBEI University ,China.


Vincent Wei

new media Leader

Exp: Project manager at the head office of a bank. Promoted the progress of several intra-bank projects. He is a geek of blockchain, used to hold media and community operation positions in two top 70 block chain companies, and have a deep understanding of blockchain industry.

Edu: M.S, machine learning, Chinese academy of sciences.



Community manager

EXP: Has been in crypto currencies world since 2014 (Mainly BTC Mining) and became SPO Telegram Community Manager since Jan 2018. He is 16+ Years technician veteran in the Telecommunication, both comercial & Domestic(Currently Manager Of a Large Stadium Audio/Visual Network).




EXP: Has been working for different marketing and design agencies in Germany since 2003. Focused now on social media and content providing. Support for an information management consultant company since 2007. Has been doing also representative work at congresses and conferences for agi-imc.

IMG_2438 (2)-squashed


social network

EXP: Has written over 50 crypto articles dissecting and informing readers about real crypto projects that will stand the test of time when most fail. His relationship with many crypto founders and developers has given him a greater understanding of the crypto-space and he take his time to educate his numerous followers and giving them first hand information about these project. Charles writes opinion pieces for crypto-related websites and online forums. He also organizes various crypto currency meet ups in his city to spread the awareness of various cryptocurrency projects. Charles latest venture is to share his knowledge and passion on the world of Cryptocurrencies with the goal of making seemingly complex and intimidating topics simple and easy-to-read.

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